These are all books that I hope one day to borrow and read or buy and keep. I've heard about them from friends, come across reviews (usually in The Guardian Weekly), or I've read other books by the same author. It is my intention that others will be inspired to read some of these books too - that referring to this list will give you ideas about what to read when you're wondering "what shall I read next week?".
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Have You Seen...?": a Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films Including Masterpieces, Oddities and Guilty Pleasures (with Just a Few Disasters) - David Thomson 
I'm always worried that I've missed seeing some really important film (I've never seen Citizen Kane, for example), so a book like this will help me catch up and fill in those gaps. It would make a great gift for movie buffs!

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